Lynn Hung - Vulah


Official Name Lynn Hung
Gender Female
Birth Date 1980-10-10
Hometown Nanjing
Nationality China

Lynn Hung

Xiong Dailin, better known as Lynn Hung, is a Hong Kong-based fashion model originally from mainland China, who has also been an actress. Born in Nanjing, of People's Republic of China, Hung moved her base of modeling activities to Hong Kong in 2006 and began working there mainly in the runway scene, becoming known as a top model, and beginning her acting career in 2008. She became well known as the girl friend of Aaron Kwok, a singer known as one of Hong Kong's "Four Heavenly Kings". She has also particularly been known for her beautifully-shaped breasts in Hong Kong's modeling scene. Hong Kong press reported in 2009 that she was the #4 highest-paid model in Greater China, next to Hong Kong's Gaile Lai, Chinese Jennifer Du, and Taiwanese Lin Chi-ling.

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