Arno Frey - Vulah


Official Name Arno Frey
Gender Male
Birth Date 1900-10-11
Hometown Munich
Nationality Germany

Arno Frey

Arno Frey was a German actor who portrayed the Nazi villain Dr. Lang in the Frank Buck movie Tiger Fangs. Frey arrived in the US in 1927, according to the 1930 US Census, and became a naturalized citizen August 23, 1940. He acted in more than 90 movies. Besides his role in Tiger Fangs he is known today for his roles in Man Hunt, The Valley of Vanishing Men, Hangmen Also Die, The Adventures of Rusty, Secret Agent X-9, the 1945 version of this Universal Serial, and 13 Rue Madeleine.

Starred in

Hangmen Also Die! Hangmen Also Die! Camp Lieutenant Itnut Camp Lieutenant Itnut