Asami Mizukawa - Vulah


Official Name Asami Mizukawa
Gender Female
Birth Date 1983-07-24
Hometown Ukyō-ku, Kyoto
Nationality Japan
Ethnicity Japanese

Asami Mizukawa

Asami Mizukawa is a Japanese actress. She grew up in Ibaraki, Osaka. She made her debut in 1997 at age of thirteen in an advertisement for Asahi Kasei's "Hebel Haus". In 2000, she won the Grand Prix at the “3rd Miss Tokyo Walker” competition and gained the supporting role in the 2002 J-horror film Dark Water. She has since appeared in many films, television dramas, and commercials.

Starred in

69 69 Mie Nagayama Mie Nagayama
Dark Water Dark Water Ceci Ceci