Mark Christopher - Vulah


Official Name Mark Christopher
Gender Male
Birth Date 1963-07-08
Nationality United States of America

Mark Christopher

Mark Christopher is a screenwriter and director most well known as the director of the Ryan Phillippe, Mike Meyers, Salma Hayek and Mark Ruffalo-starring film, 54. He is also considered an innovative voice in short filmmaking having written and directed three short films, all of them theatrically distributed: "The Dead Boys Club", an influential short of the New Queer Cinema wave as cited by B. Ruby Rich in her "Sight and Sound" article that defined the genre; "Alkali, Iowa", winner of the Teddy at the Berlin International Film Festival; and "Heartland," Strand Releasing. He is also known for his television writing and creation of musical programming, including "Real Life: The Musical" that premiered on OWN in 2012.

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