Ellen Dow - Vulah


Official Name Ellen Dow
Gender Female
Birth Date 1918-11-16
Hometown Mount Carmel
Nationality United States of America

Ellen Dow

Ellen Albertini Dow is an American character actress. She often portrays feisty old ladies and is perhaps best known as the rapping grandmother in the 1998 motion picture The Wedding Singer. Other film roles include the homophobic grandmother in Wedding Crashers, Disco Dottie in 54, the recipient of Christopher Lloyd's slapstick in Radioland Murders, and a choir member in Sister Act.

Starred in

54 54 Disco Dottie Disco Dottie
Radioland Murders Radioland Murders Organist Organist
Sister Act Sister Act Choir Nun #1 Choir Nun #1
The Wedding Singer The Wedding Singer Rosie Rosie
Wedding Crashers Wedding Crashers Grandma Mary Cleary Grandma Mary Cleary
Without a Paddle: Nature's Calling Without a Paddle: Nature's Calling Mrs. Bessler Mrs. Bessler