David Bergstein - Vulah


Official Name David Bergstein
Gender Male
Birth Date 1962-08-09
Hometown New York City
Nationality United States of America

David Bergstein

David Bergstein is an Entrepreneur and Producer who has financed over One Billion Dollars of independent film production since entering the film business a few years ago. He has produced and financed over 50 films, working alongside celebrated directors such as Sidney Lumet, Taylor Hackford, David Mamet, and also recent Academy Award winners and nominees like Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Ryan Gosling and Michael Shannon.After 20 years in Mergers Acquisitions, centered around a number of industries including publishing, online retail and new media – Mr. Bergstein transitioned into movies to head up Pegasus Studios.Understanding the emergent confluence of filmed entertainment, online distribution and technology, Mr. Bergstein began to acquire successful international brands that would become part of his Pegasus Entertainment Group. These brands included operating entities such as leading international sales company Capitol Films, US distributor THINKFilm, motion picture catalogs which include well known films such as Terminator 3, Alexander, and Point Break and a library of literary properties, including an exclusive deal with Stan Lee.  Unlike studios of the past, it was Bergstein’s vision that Pegasus be centered around new digital distribution paradigms, yet at the same time delivering traditional cinematic excellence from both commercial and independent sectors. To that end, a unique and elite crew of professionals was assembled. Collectively they have been responsible for over $15 billion of gross theatrical revenue, 100 Academy Award nominations and 50 Academy Awards.In a few short years Pegasus has amassed a library of over 1,200 titles including such diverse content as TERMINATOR 3, HALF NELSON and BORN INTO BROTHELS. The current distribution slate includes a wide range of content including Chuck Russell’s original 3D movie THUNDER ROAD, LOVE RANCH starring Helen Mirren and Joe Pesci,  NAILED  with Jessica Biel and Jake Gyllenhaal, Tony Kaye’s latest visual odyssey BLACK WATER TRANSIT  and British underground cult favorite TRIP CITY.Under David Bergstein’s direction, Pegasus is continuing its expansion in content acquisition and exploitation in both traditional and digital media.  Pegasus provides significant support in the independent films world, bringing to market both commercial and art films through its financial and distribution capabilities.

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