Gavin Muir - Vulah


Official Name Gavin Muir
Gender Male
Birth Date 1900-09-08
Hometown Chicago
Nationality United States of America

Gavin Muir

Gavin Muir was an American Broadway, film and television actor. Although born in Chicago, Muir was educated in England and had a significant career on the Broadway stage through 1933. His first film appearance is 1932 in a short subject, then in John Ford's Mary of Scotland in 1936. His film career continued through 1965, often in character roles, and with a sort of specialty in villains with British accents.

Starred in

Sherlock Holmes and the House of Fear Sherlock Holmes and the House of Fear Chalmers Chalmers
Sherlock Holmes Faces Death Sherlock Holmes Faces Death Phillip Musgrave Phillip Musgrave
Sherlock Holmes in Washington Sherlock Holmes in Washington Mr. Lang, government agent Mr. Lang, government agent
Mary of Scotland Mary of Scotland Leicester Leicester