Hillary Brooke - Vulah


Official Name Hillary Brooke
Gender Female
Birth Date 1914-09-08
Hometown Astoria
Nationality United States of America

Hillary Brooke

Hillary Brooke was an American film actress best known for her work in Abbott and Costello and Sherlock Holmes films. She also played Lou Costello's love interest in the first season of The Abbott and Costello Show.

Starred in

Ministry of Fear Ministry of Fear Mrs. Bellane #2, spiritualist Mrs. Bellane #2, spiritualist
Road to Utopia Road to Utopia Kate Kate
The Woman in Green The Woman in Green Lydia Lydia
Sherlock Holmes Faces Death Sherlock Holmes Faces Death Sally Musgrave Sally Musgrave
The Man Who Knew Too Much The Man Who Knew Too Much Jan Peterson Jan Peterson