Suketu Mehta - Vulah


Official Name Suketu Mehta
Gender Male
Birth Date 0000-00-00
Hometown Kolkata
Nationality India
Ethnicity Indian American

Suketu Mehta

Suketu Mehta is a writer based in New York City. He was born in Kolkata, India, and raised in Mumbai where he lived until his family moved to the New York area in 1977. He has attended New York University and the University of Iowa Writers' Workshop. His autobiographical account of his experiences in the city of Mumbai, Maximum City, was published in 2004. The book explores the underbelly of the sprawling city. It was a 2005 Pulitzer Prize finalist. Suketu Mehta also co-wrote the screenplay to the Bollywood film Mission Kashmir with novelist Vikram Chandra. Suketu lives in Manhattan. He is currently working on a book about the New York City immigrant experience. He joined the New York University journalism faculty in 2008.

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