Eric Campbell - Vulah


Official Name Eric Campbell
Gender Male
Birth Date 1879-04-26
Hometown Cheshire
Nationality England

Eric Campbell

Alfred Eric Campbell, known as Eric Campbell, was an English actor who for many years was wrongly believed to be Scottish. He was a key member of Charlie Chaplin's film ensemble, invariably playing an intimidating bully, and appeared in 11 of Chaplin's films before he was killed in a car crash at 38 years old. He is the subject of a documentary by filmmaker Kevin Macdonald.

Starred in

The Adventurer The Adventurer The Suitor The Suitor
The Floorwalker The Floorwalker Store Manager Store Manager
The Immigrant The Immigrant The Head Waiter The Head Waiter
The Pawnshop The Pawnshop A Thief A Thief