Bart Braverman - Vulah


Official Name Bart Braverman
Gender Male
Birth Date 1946-02-01
Hometown Los Angeles
Nationality United States of America

Bart Braverman

Bartley Louis "Bart" Braverman is an actor who is known for guest starring on many TV shows. His appearances include I Love Lucy, Seinfeld, M*A*S*H, and Shameless. He was also the voice of Puggsy on Fangface. His best known role is that of "Binzer" during the entire run of Vega$ from 1978-81. He also had a semi-recurring role on the game show Match Game during its run in syndication from 1979-82, including appearing on the premiere episode of the run.

Starred in

20 Million Miles to Earth 20 Million Miles to Earth Pepe Pepe