Intentions of Murder


Release Date 1964-06-28
Age Rating

Intentions of Murder

Unholy Desire or Intentions of Murder is a 1964 Japanese film by director Shohei Imamura. This film embodies many of the central interests in Imamura's career including strong, lower-class women who survive in spite of their oppressive surroundings, and an earthy, humorous approach to sex.

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Actors & Characters

Masumi Harukawa Masumi Harukawa Sadako Takahashi Sadako Takahashi
Kō Nishimura Kō Nishimura Koichi Takahashi Koichi Takahashi
Shigeru Tsuyuguchi Shigeru Tsuyuguchi Hiraoko Hiraoko
Yûko Kusunoki Yûko Kusunoki Yoshiko Masuda Yoshiko Masuda
Ranko Akagi Ranko Akagi Tadae Takahashi Tadae Takahashi
Haruo Itoga Haruo Itoga Yasuo Tamura Yasuo Tamura
Yoshi Kato Yoshi Kato Seizo Takahashi Seizo Takahashi
Tanie Kitabayashi Tanie Kitabayashi Kinu Takahashi Kinu Takahashi
Fumie Kitahara Fumie Kitahara
Kazuo Kitamura Kazuo Kitamura Seiichiro Takahashi Seiichiro Takahashi


Shinsaku Himeda Cinematography
Shohei Imamura Director
Matsuo Tanji Editor
Toshiro Mayuzumi Music
Jiro Tomoda Producer
Keiji Hasebe Writer
Shohei Imamura Writer