15 Minutes


Release Date 2001-03-01
Age Rating

15 Minutes

15 Minutes is a 2001 film starring Robert De Niro, Edward Burns and Karel Roden. It is about a homicide detective and a fire marshal who must stop a couple of Eastern European murderers who are videotaping their crimes in hope of becoming famous. The film also stars Melina Kanakaredes and Kelsey Grammer. The title is a reference to the Andy Warhol quotation, "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes."

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Actors & Characters

Robert De Niro Robert De Niro Detective Eddie Flemming Detective Eddie Flemming
Edward Burns Edward Burns Fire Marshal Jordy Warsaw Fire Marshal Jordy Warsaw
Kelsey Grammer Kelsey Grammer Robert Hawkins Robert Hawkins
Melina Kanakaredes Melina Kanakaredes Nicolette Karas Nicolette Karas
Avery Brooks Avery Brooks Detective Leon Jackson Detective Leon Jackson
Oleg Taktarov Oleg Taktarov Oleg Razgul Oleg Razgul
Karel Roden Karel Roden Emil Slovak Emil Slovak
Vera Farmiga Vera Farmiga Daphne Handlova Daphne Handlova
John DiResta John DiResta Bobby Korfin Bobby Korfin
Kim Cattrall Kim Cattrall Cassandra Cassandra


Jean-Yves Escoffier Cinematography
John Herzfeld Director
Steven Cohen Editor
J. Peter Robinson Music
Anthony Marinelli Music
Keith Addis Producer
David Blocker Producer
John Herzfeld Producer
Nick Wechsler Producer
John Herzfeld Writer