2009 Lost Memories


Release Date 2002-02-01
Age Rating

2009 Lost Memories

2009 Lost Memories is a 2002 South Korean science fiction action film directed by Lee Si-myung, adapted from the 1987 novel Looking for an Epitaph by Bok Geo-il. It was distributed by CJ Entertainment and was released on February 1, 2002.

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Actors & Characters

Jang Dong-gun Jang Dong-gun Masayuki Sakamoto Masayuki Sakamoto
Toru Nakamura Toru Nakamura Shojiro Saigo Shojiro Saigo
Masaaki Daimon Masaaki Daimon Chief of JBI Chief of JBI
Ken Mitsuishi Ken Mitsuishi Hideyo Hideyo
Gyu-ri Kim Gyu-ri Kim Kindergarten teacher Kindergarten teacher
Shohei Imamura Shohei Imamura Historian Historian
Nobuyuki Katsube Nobuyuki Katsube Executive Director Executive Director
Lee Sa-bi Lee Sa-bi Beautiful Woman at Ito Hall Beautiful Woman at Ito Hall
Seo Jin-ho Seo Jin-ho Hye-Rin Oh Hye-Rin Oh
Goo Shin Goo Shin Takahashi Takahashi


Hyeon-cheol Park Cinematography
Lee Si-myung Director
Kyeong Min-ho Editor
Lee Dong-jun Music
Kim Yun-young Producer
Seo Jun-won Producer
Shinichiro Nakata Producer
Lee Si-myung Writer
Lee Sang-hak Writer