The 9th Company


Release Date 2005-09-29
Age Rating

The 9th Company

The 9th Company is a 2005 Russian–Finnish–Ukrainian film directed by Fedor Bondarchuk and set during the Soviet War in Afghanistan. The film is loosely based on a real-life battle that took place at Hill 3234 in early 1988, during the last large-scale Soviet military operation in Afghanistan.

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Actors & Characters

Aleksei Chadov Aleksei Chadov Vorobey Vorobey
Mikhail Evlanov Mikhail Evlanov Ryaba Ryaba
Fedor Bondarchuk Fedor Bondarchuk Khokhol Khokhol
Artur Smolyaninov Artur Smolyaninov Lyutyy Lyutyy
Konstantin Kryukov Konstantin Kryukov Dzhokonda Dzhokonda
Ivan Nikolaev Ivan Nikolaev Seryy Seryy
Mikhail Porechenkov Mikhail Porechenkov Dygalo Dygalo
Soslan Fidarov Soslan Fidarov Pinochet Pinochet
Ivan Kokorin Ivan Kokorin Chugun Chugun
Artyom Mikhalkov Artyom Mikhalkov Stas Stas


Maksim Osadchy Cinematography
Fedor Bondarchuk Director
Igor Litoninskiy Editor
Dato Evgenidze Music
Ivan Burlyaev Music
Alexander Rodnyansky Producer
Fedor Bondarchuk Producer
Jelena Jacura Producer
Iskander Galiev Producer
Yuri Korotkov Writer
Iskander Galiev Writer