The Accused


Release Date 1988-10-14
Age Rating

The Accused

The Accused is a 1988 American drama film starring Jodie Foster and Kelly McGillis, directed by Jonathan Kaplan and written by Tom Topor. Loosely based on the real-life gang rape of Cheryl Araujo that occurred at Big Dan's Bar in New Bedford, Massachusetts, on March 6, 1983, this film was one of the first Hollywood films to deal with rape in a direct manner, and led to other films on the subject. Jodie Foster, for her portrayal as Sarah Tobias, earned the Academy Award for Best Actress, the film's sole nomination. The Accused also became the first film to win the Best Actress Academy Award without being nominated in any other category since The Three Faces of Eve in 1957, when Joanne Woodward won Best Actress, the film's sole nomination.

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Actors & Characters

Jodie Foster Jodie Foster Sarah Tobias Sarah Tobias
Kelly McGillis Kelly McGillis Kathryn Murphy Kathryn Murphy
Bernie Coulson Bernie Coulson Ken Joyce Ken Joyce
Leo Rossi Leo Rossi Cliff 'Scorpion' Albrect Cliff 'Scorpion' Albrect
Ann Hearn Ann Hearn Sally Fraser Sally Fraser
Carmen Argenziano Carmen Argenziano D.A. Paul Rudolph D.A. Paul Rudolph
Steve Antin Steve Antin Bob Joiner Bob Joiner
Tom O'Brien Tom O'Brien Larry Larry
Peter Van Norden Peter Van Norden Attorney Paulsen Attorney Paulsen
Terry David Mulligan Terry David Mulligan Lieutenant Duncan Lieutenant Duncan


Ralf D. Bode Cinematography
Jonathan Kaplan Director
O. Nicholas Brown Editor
Gerald B. Greenberg Editor
Brad Fiedel Music
Sherry Lansing Producer
Stanley R. Jaffe Producer
Tom Topor Writer