The 14 Amazons


Release Date 1972-07-27
Age Rating

The 14 Amazons

The 14 Amazons is a 1972 Hong Kong wuxia film produced by the Shaw Brothers Studio and featuring a predominantly female cast. The story is about the female generals of the Yang Family.

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Actors & Characters

Mei Sheng Fan Mei Sheng Fan Chiao Ting Kuai Chiao Ting Kuai
Hua Chung Hua Chung Yang Tsung Pao Yang Tsung Pao
Chung-Hsin Huang Chung-Hsin Huang Meng Huai Yuan Meng Huai Yuan
Hap Wong Hap Wong 1st Prince 1st Prince
Tien Feng Tien Feng King of Asia Hsia King of Asia Hsia
James Nam James Nam 2nd Prince 2nd Prince
Ching Tien Ching Tien 3rd Prince 3rd Prince
Paul Chun Paul Chun 4th Prince 4th Prince
Lo Lieh Lo Lieh 5th Prince 5th Prince
Ivy Ling Po Ivy Ling Po Mu Kuei Ying Mu Kuei Ying


Chang Hsin Cinematography
Chu Chia Hsin Cinematography
Shan Hua Cinematography
Tung Shao Yung Cinematography
Watanabe Toru Cinematography
Yu Chi Cinematography
Chieh Huang Cinematography
Gang Cheng Director
Tung Shao Yung Director
Kung-Wing Fan Editor
Hsing-lung Chiang Editor
Wang Fu-ling Music
Run Run Shaw Producer
Gang Cheng Writer