The 39 Steps


Release Date 1959-03-13
Age Rating

The 39 Steps

The 39 Steps is a 1959 British thriller film directed by Ralph Thomas, starring Kenneth More and Taina Elg. It is a remake of the 1935 Alfred Hitchcock film, loosely based on the novel The Thirty-Nine Steps by John Buchan. In the film, diplomat Richard Hannay returns home to London, only to become inadvertently embroiled in the death of a British spy investigating the head of an organisation planning to sell the secret of a British ballistic missile. Hannay thus travels to Scotland to escape the police, and attempts to complete the spy's work. It is the first colour version of the Buchan tale, and, unlike the mainly studio-bound original, features extensive location shooting. Several large setpieces and much of the dialogue are taken from the original film. As with the Hitchcock version, the scenario was contemporary rather than the pre-World War I setting of Buchan's original.

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Actors & Characters

Kenneth More Kenneth More Richard Hannay Richard Hannay
Brenda De Banzie Brenda De Banzie Nellie Lumsden Nellie Lumsden
James Hayter James Hayter Mr. Memory Mr. Memory
Sid James Sid James Perce Perce
Reginald Beckwith Reginald Beckwith Lumsden Lumsden
Taina Elg Taina Elg Fisher Fisher
Faith Brook Faith Brook Nannie Nannie
Michael Goodliffe Michael Goodliffe Brown Brown
Barry Jones Barry Jones Professor Logan Professor Logan
Andrew Cruickshank Andrew Cruickshank Sheriff Sheriff


Ernest Steward Cinematography
Ralph Thomas Director
Alfred Roome Editor
Clifton Parker Music
Betty Box Producer
Frank Harvey Writer