The 13th Letter


Release Date 1951-01-19
Age Rating

The 13th Letter

The 13th Letter is a 1951 film directed by Otto Preminger. The film is a remake of Le Corbeau directed by Henri-Georges Clouzot.

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Actors & Characters

Linda Darnell Linda Darnell Denise Turner Denise Turner
Michael Rennie Michael Rennie Dr. Pearson Dr. Pearson
Charles Boyer Charles Boyer Dr. Paul Laurent Dr. Paul Laurent
Françoise Rosay Françoise Rosay Mrs. Gauthier Mrs. Gauthier
Constance Smith Constance Smith Cora Laurent Cora Laurent
Judith Evelyn Judith Evelyn Sister Marie Corbin Sister Marie Corbin
Guy Sorel Guy Sorel Robert Helier Robert Helier
June Hedin June Hedin Rochelle Turner Rochelle Turner
George Alexander George Alexander Dr. Fletcher Dr. Fletcher
Jacques Auger Jacques Auger Priest Priest


Joseph LaShelle Cinematography
Otto Preminger Director
Louis R. Loeffler Editor
Alex North Music
Otto Preminger Producer
Howard E. Koch Writer