200 Motels


Release Date 1971-11-10
Age Rating

200 Motels

200 Motels is a 1971 American-British musical surrealist film cowritten and directed by Frank Zappa and Tony Palmer and starring The Mothers of Invention, Theodore Bikel and Ringo Starr. The film covers a loose storyline about The Mothers of Invention going crazy in the small town Centerville. A soundtrack album was released in the same year. As of 2009, 200 Motels was restored / commented on by Tony Palmer and is currently available on an England-sourced for-retail DVD.

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Actors & Characters

Pamela Des Barres Pamela Des Barres
Ringo Starr Ringo Starr
Keith Moon Keith Moon
Theodore Bikel Theodore Bikel
Dick Barber Dick Barber
Miss Lucy Miss Lucy
Janet Neville-Ferguson Janet Neville-Ferguson
George Duke George Duke
Ruth Underwood Ruth Underwood
Martin Lickert Martin Lickert


Charles Swenson Director
Frank Zappa Director
Tony Palmer Director
Frank Zappa Music
Jerry D. Good Producer
Herb Cohen Producer
Howard Kaylan Writer
Frank Zappa Writer
Jeff Simmons Writer
Mark Volman Writer
Tony Palmer Writer