3: The Dale Earnhardt Story


Release Date 2004-12-11
Age Rating

3: The Dale Earnhardt Story

3: The Dale Earnhardt Story is a 2004 television movie produced by ESPN documenting the life of NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt, his poor upbringing in Kannapolis, North Carolina, his rise to dominance in NASCAR, his relationship with his father Ralph Earnhardt and Dale Earnhardt's son, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., and his death in the 2001 Daytona 500. It was first broadcast on December 11, 2004, and was subsequently released on DVD. Barry Pepper stars as Dale Earnhardt, also with Sean Bridgers as Neil Bonnett. Many race scenes were shot at Rockingham Speedway, after the track had lost its races and was used mostly as a test track and driving school before its 2012 reopening for NASCAR's national series. Chad McCumbee, who portrayed Junior, later became a NASCAR driver in the Truck Series. He also raced alongside Dale Jr. himself at the Pocono 500, driving Kyle Petty's 45 car, as Kyle Petty was in the TNT broadcast booth. Actors playing the part of the Flying Aces were Ray Everett, Greg Davis, David Brooks, Robbie Hicks and Don Gyr.

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Actors & Characters

Barry Pepper Barry Pepper Dale Earnhardt Dale Earnhardt
Elizabeth Mitchell Elizabeth Mitchell Teresa Earnhardt Teresa Earnhardt
Chad McCumbee Chad McCumbee Junior Junior
Andrea Powell Andrea Powell
J.K. Simmons J.K. Simmons Ralph Earnhardt Ralph Earnhardt


Russell Mulcahy Director
Gary Rossington Music
Louis Febre Music
Orly Adelson Producer
Lynn Raynor Producer
Robert Eisele Writer