100 Women


Release Date 2002-10-18
Age Rating

100 Women

100 Women is a 2002 comedy film written and directed by Michael Davis. It tells the story of a young man named Sam and his struggle to discover why the girl of his dreams is suddenly depressed after her cheeriness brought him out of his sadness. The film was originally released under the title Girl Fever and had a short run in cinemas before being renamed 100 Women and being released to DVD.

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Actors & Characters

Jennifer Morrison Jennifer Morrison Annie Annie
Erinn Bartlett Erinn Bartlett Hope Hope
Chad Donella Chad Donella Sam Sam
Clint Howard Clint Howard Mr. Willens Mr. Willens
Steve Monroe Steve Monroe Holden Holden
Juleah Weikel Juleah Weikel Gretchen Gretchen
Chene Lawson Chene Lawson Tanya Tanya
A. J. Buckley A. J. Buckley Jesse Jesse
Dublin James Dublin James Jason Jason
Jackie Katzman Jackie Katzman Annette Annette


Michael Davis Director