Release Date 2004-09-07
Age Rating


3-Iron is a 2004 Korean film directed by Kim Ki-duk. The plot revolves around the relationship between a young drifter and an abused housewife. The film is notable for the lack of dialogue between its two main characters.

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Actors & Characters

Jeong-ho Choi Jeong-ho Choi Jailor Jailor
Lee Seung-yeon Lee Seung-yeon Sun-hwa Sun-hwa
Jae Hee Jae Hee Tae-suk Tae-suk
Kwon Hyuk-Ho Kwon Hyuk-Ho Min-kyu Min-kyu
Jin-Mo Joo Jin-Mo Joo Detective Cho Detective Cho
Lee Joo-suk Lee Joo-suk Son of Old Man Son of Old Man
Lee Mi-sook Lee Mi-sook Daughter-in-law of Old Man Daughter-in-law of Old Man
Park Ji-ah Park Ji-ah Jee-ah Jee-ah
Moon Sung-hyuk Moon Sung-hyuk Sung-hyuk Sung-hyuk
Jang Jae-yong Jang Jae-yong Hyun-soo Hyun-soo


Jang Seong-Beck Cinematography
Kim Ki-duk Director
Kim Ki-duk Editor
Lee Yong-beom Music
Lee Seung-woo Music
Kim Ki-duk Producer
Kim Ki-duk Writer