A-Haunting We Will Go


Release Date 1942-08-07
Age Rating

A-Haunting We Will Go

A-Haunting We Will Go is a 1942 Laurel and Hardy feature film released by 20th Century Fox and directed by Alfred L. Werker. The story is credited to Lou Breslow and Stanley Rauh. The title is a play on the song "A-Hunting We Will Go".

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Actors & Characters

Stan Laurel Stan Laurel
Oliver Hardy Oliver Hardy
Dante Dante
Sheila Ryan Sheila Ryan
John Shelton John Shelton
Elisha Cook, Jr. Elisha Cook, Jr.
Don Costello Don Costello
George Lynn George Lynn
James Bush James Bush
Robert Emmett Keane Robert Emmett Keane


Glen MacWilliams Cinematography
Alfred L. Werker Director
Alfred Day Editor
Cyril J. Mockridge Music
David Buttolph Music
Hal Roach Producer
Sol M. Wurtzel Producer
Stanley Rauh Writer
Lou Breslow Writer