Air Raid Wardens


Release Date 1943-04-30
Age Rating

Air Raid Wardens

Air Raid Wardens is a 1943 Laurel and Hardy comedy film. This was their first of two films made at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

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Actors & Characters

Stan Laurel Stan Laurel Stanley Laurel Stanley Laurel
Oliver Hardy Oliver Hardy Oliver Hardy Oliver Hardy
Edgar Kennedy Edgar Kennedy Joe Bledsoe Joe Bledsoe
Jacqueline White Jacqueline White Peggy Parker Peggy Parker
Nella Walker Nella Walker Millicent Norton Millicent Norton
Stephen McNally Stephen McNally Dan Madison Dan Madison
Donald Meek Donald Meek Eustace Middling Eustace Middling
Henry O'Neill Henry O'Neill Rittenhause Rittenhause
Howard Freeman Howard Freeman J.P. Norton J.P. Norton
Robert Emmett O'Connor Robert Emmett O'Connor Charlie Beaugart Charlie Beaugart


Walter Lundin Cinematography
Edward Sedgwick Director
Cotton Warburton Editor
Nathaniel Shilkret Music
B.F. Zeidman Producer
Martin Rackin Writer
Jack Jevne Writer
Harry Crane Writer
Charley Rogers Writer