The Dancing Masters


Release Date 1943-11-19
Age Rating

The Dancing Masters

The Dancing Masters is a 1943 Laurel and Hardy feature film. The plot involves the team running a ballet school, and getting involved with an inventor. A young Robert Mitchum has an uncredited cameo role as a fraudulent insurance salesman.

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Actors & Characters

Stan Laurel Stan Laurel
Oliver Hardy Oliver Hardy
Trudy Marshall Trudy Marshall
Matt Briggs Matt Briggs
Margaret Dumont Margaret Dumont
Hank Mann Hank Mann
Robert Mitchum Robert Mitchum Mickey Halligan Mickey Halligan
George Tyne George Tyne
Allan Lane Allan Lane
Bob Bailey Bob Bailey


Norbert Brodine Cinematography
Malcolm St. Clair Director
Norman Colbert Editor
Arthur Lange Music
Lee S. Marcus Producer
William Scott Darling Writer
George Bricker Writer