Atoll K


Release Date 1951-10-17
Age Rating

Atoll K

Atoll K is a French/Italian co-production film—also known as Robinson Crusoeland in the United Kingdom and Utopia in the United States – which starred the comedy team of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy in their final screen appearance. The film co-stars French singer/actress Suzy Delair and was directed by Léo Joannon, with uncredited co-direction by blacklisted U.S. director John Berry.

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Actors & Characters

Suzy Delair Suzy Delair Chérie Lamour Chérie Lamour
Stan Laurel Stan Laurel Stan Stan
Oliver Hardy Oliver Hardy Ollie Ollie
Suzet Maïs Suzet Maïs Mrs. Dolan Mrs. Dolan
Luigi Tosi Luigi Tosi Lt. Jack Frazer Lt. Jack Frazer
Max Elloy Max Elloy Antoine Antoine
Félix Oudart Félix Oudart Mayor Mayor
Adriano Rimoldi Adriano Rimoldi Giovanni Copini Giovanni Copini
Robert Murzeau Robert Murzeau Captain Dolan Captain Dolan
Michael Dalmatoff Michael Dalmatoff Alecto Alecto


Armand Thirard Cinematography
John Berry Director
Léo Joannon Director
Alfred J. Goulding Director
Tim Whelan Director
Raymond Isnardon Editor
Paul Misraki Music
Raymond Eger Producer
Monte Collins Writer
John D. Klorer Writer
I. Kloucowsky Writer
Frederick Kohner Writer
Piero Tellini Writer
René Wheeler Writer