A Woman Is a Woman


Release Date 1961-09-06
Age Rating

A Woman Is a Woman

A Woman Is a Woman is a 1961 French film directed by Jean-Luc Godard, featuring Anna Karina, Jean-Paul Belmondo and Jean-Claude Brialy. It is a tribute to American musical comedy and associated with the French New Wave. It is notable for being the first film Jean-Luc Godard shot in color and Cinemascope.

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Actors & Characters

Anna Karina Anna Karina Angela Angela
Jean-Claude Brialy Jean-Claude Brialy Émile Récamier Émile Récamier
Jean-Paul Belmondo Jean-Paul Belmondo Alfred Lubitsch Alfred Lubitsch
Dorothée Blank Dorothée Blank Prostitute #3 Prostitute #3
Henri Attal Henri Attal Faux aveugle #2 Faux aveugle #2
Karyn Balm Karyn Balm
Marie Dubois Marie Dubois Angela's friend Angela's friend
Ernest Menzer Ernest Menzer Bar Owner Bar Owner
Jeanne Moreau Jeanne Moreau Woman in Bar Woman in Bar
Nicole Paquin Nicole Paquin Suzanne Suzanne


Raoul Coutard Cinematography
Jean-Luc Godard Director
Lila Herman Editor
Agnès Guillemot Editor
Michel Legrand Music
Carlo Ponti Producer
Georges de Beauregard Producer
Jean-Luc Godard Writer