A Walk in the Sun


Release Date 1945-12-25
Age Rating

A Walk in the Sun

A Walk in the Sun is a World War II war film released in 1945, based on the novel by Harry Brown, who was a writer for Yank, the Army Weekly based in England. The book was serialized in Liberty Magazine in October 1944. The film was directed by Lewis Milestone, stars Dana Andrews and features Richard Conte, George Tyne, John Ireland, Lloyd Bridges, Sterling Holloway, Norman Lloyd, Herbert Rudley and Richard Benedict, with narration by Burgess Meredith.

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Actors & Characters

Richard Conte Richard Conte
Dana Andrews Dana Andrews
George Tyne George Tyne
Lloyd Bridges Lloyd Bridges Sgt. Ward Sgt. Ward
Norman Lloyd Norman Lloyd
John Ireland John Ireland
Herbert Rudley Herbert Rudley
Richard Benedict Richard Benedict
Sterling Holloway Sterling Holloway
Huntz Hall Huntz Hall


Russell Harlan Cinematography
Lewis Milestone Director
W. Duncan Mansfield Editor
Earl Robinson Music
Fred Rich Music
Lewis Milestone Producer
Robert Rossen Writer