A Touch of Zen


Release Date 0000-00-00
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A Touch of Zen

A Touch of Zen is a 1971 Taiwanese wuxia film directed by King Hu. The film won significant critical acclaim and became the first Chinese language action film ever to win a prize at the Cannes Film Festival, claiming the Technical Grand Prize award. Although filming began in 1969, A Touch of Zen was not completed until 1971. The original Taiwanese release was in two parts in 1970 and 1971 with the bamboo forest sequence that concludes Part 1 reprised at the beginning of Part 2; this version has a combined run time of 200 minutes. In November 1971 both parts of the film were combined into one for the Hong Kong market with a run time of 187 minutes. Its running time of over three hours makes it an unusually epic entry in the wuxia genre.

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Actors & Characters

Feng Hsu Feng Hsu
Ying Bai Ying Bai
Roy Chiao Roy Chiao
Miao Tien Miao Tien
Peng Tien Peng Tien
Shih Chun Shih Chun
Jackie Chan Jackie Chan


King Hu Director
Jung-Feng Sha Producer
Shiqing Yang Producer
King Hu Writer