A Taxing Woman


Release Date 1987-02-07
Age Rating

A Taxing Woman

A Taxing Woman is a 1987 Japanese comedy film written and directed by Juzo Itami. It won numerous awards, including six major Japanese Academy awards. The title character of the film, played by Nobuko Miyamoto, is a tax investigator for the Japanese National Tax Agency who employs various techniques to catch tax evaders. The director reportedly was inspired to make the film after he entered a much higher tax bracket after his success with The Funeral. A sequel, A Taxing Woman 2, featuring some of the same characters but darker in tone, was released in 1988.

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Actors & Characters

Nobuko Miyamoto Nobuko Miyamoto Ryôko Itakura Ryôko Itakura
Tsutomu Yamazaki Tsutomu Yamazaki Hideki Gondô Hideki Gondô
Shinsuke Ashida Shinsuke Ashida Kihachirô Ninagawa Kihachirô Ninagawa
Masahiko Tsugawa Masahiko Tsugawa Hanamura Hanamura
Yusuke Tozawa Yusuke Tozawa Zeimushoin Zeimushoin
Yasuo Daichi Yasuo Daichi Ijûin Ijûin
Kinzô Sakura Kinzô Sakura Kaneko Kaneko
Hajime Asô Hajime Asô Himeda Himeda
Kiriko Shimizu Kiriko Shimizu Kazue Kenmochi Kazue Kenmochi
Kazuyo Matsui Kazuyo Matsui Kumi Torikai Kumi Torikai


Yonezo Maeda Cinematography
Jūzō Itami Director
Akira Suzuki Editor
Toshiyuki Honda Music
Seigo Hosogoe Producer
Yasushi Tamaoki Producer
Jūzō Itami Writer