A Taxing Woman's Return


Release Date 1988-01-15
Age Rating g

A Taxing Woman's Return

A Taxing Woman's Return, also titled A Taxing Woman 2 is a 1988 Japanese comedy film written and directed by Juzo Itami. It is the sequel to Itami's 1987 comedy A Taxing Woman. As in A Taxing Woman, Nobuko Miyamoto plays female government tax investigator Ryoko Itakura. In this film she investigates a religious sect, led by Teppei Onizawa, that is suspected of being used for tax evasion. The sect is part of a complex conspiracy involving the Yakuza, political corruption and a prestigious construction project. While retaining some of the comic elements of A Taxing Woman, the sequel is darker and angrier in tone, featuring corruption, intimidation and murder in addition to tax evasion. The film was nominated for five Japanese Academy Awards, winning the prize for Best Editing.

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Actors & Characters

Nobuko Miyamoto Nobuko Miyamoto
Rentarō Mikuni Rentarō Mikuni
Masahiko Tsugawa Masahiko Tsugawa
Tetsurō Tamba Tetsurō Tamba
Koichi Ueda Koichi Ueda
Toru Masuoka Toru Masuoka
Takeya Nakamura Takeya Nakamura
Mansaku Fuwa Mansaku Fuwa


Yonezo Maeda Cinematography
Jūzō Itami Director
Akira Suzuki Editor
Toshiyuki Honda Music
Seigo Hosogoe Producer
Yasushi Tamaoki Producer
Jūzō Itami Writer