A Stranger Is Watching


Release Date 1982-01-22
Age Rating

A Stranger Is Watching

A Stranger is Watching is a 1982 film directed by Sean S. Cunningham. The screenplay was written by Earl Mac Rauch and Victor Miller, based on the novel by Mary Higgins Clark.

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Actors & Characters

James Naughton James Naughton Steve Peterson Steve Peterson
Kate Mulgrew Kate Mulgrew Sharon Martin Sharon Martin
Rip Torn Rip Torn Artie Taggart Artie Taggart
Barbara Baxley Barbara Baxley Lally Lally
Joanne Dorian Joanne Dorian Nina Peterson Nina Peterson
James Russo James Russo Ronald Thompson Ronald Thompson
Roy Poole Roy Poole Walter Kurner Walter Kurner
Shawn von Schreiber Shawn von Schreiber Julie Peterson Julie Peterson
Frank Hamilton Frank Hamilton Bill Lufts Bill Lufts
Maggie Task Maggie Task Mrs. Lufts Mrs. Lufts


Barry Abrams Cinematography
Sean S. Cunningham Director