A Stolen Life


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A Stolen Life

A Stolen Life is a 1946 drama film starring Bette Davis, who also produced, and directed by Curtis Bernhardt. The supporting cast includes Glenn Ford, Dane Clark, Walter Brennan, Charles Ruggles, and Bruce Bennett. The movie is a remake of a 1939 British film Stolen Life starring Elisabeth Bergner and Michael Redgrave. The second time Davis played twin sisters was in Dead Ringer.

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Actors & Characters

Bette Davis Bette Davis Kate Bosworth Kate Bosworth
Dane Clark Dane Clark
Glenn Ford Glenn Ford Bill Emerson Bill Emerson
Bette Davis Bette Davis Patricia Bosworth Patricia Bosworth
Charles Ruggles Charles Ruggles
Walter Brennan Walter Brennan
Bruce Bennett Bruce Bennett


Sol Polito Cinematography
Ernest Haller Cinematography
Curtis Bernhardt Director
Jack Gage Director
Rudi Fehr Editor
Max Steiner Music
Bette Davis Producer