A State of Mind


Release Date 2005-08-10
Age Rating

A State of Mind

A State of Mind is a 2004 documentary film directed by Daniel Gordon and produced by Nicholas Bonner. The film follows two North Korean child gymnasts and their families for over eight months during training for the 2003 Pyongyang mass games. The film won two awards at the North Korean Pyongyang International Film Festival in 2004 and was shown at 11 other film festivals worldwide before being released in a theatrical run in 2005. UK-based Dance band Faithless used clips from the documentary for the video to the single "I Want More."

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Actors & Characters

Daniel Gordon Daniel Gordon Narrator Narrator
Kim Jong-il Kim Jong-il
Hyon Sun Pak Hyon Sun Pak
Song Yun Kim Song Yun Kim


Nick Bennett Cinematography
Daniel Gordon Director
Peter Haddon Editor
Barnaby Taylor Music
Daniel Gordon Producer
Daniel Gordon Writer