A Small Circle of Friends


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A Small Circle of Friends

A Small Circle of Friends is a film released in 1980 by United Artists starring Brad Davis, Karen Allen, Shelley Long, Jameson Parker, Peter Mark, and an uncredited Craig Richard Nelson, who played Bell in The Paper Chase, another film set at Harvard. The film follows the life of three students at Harvard University in the 1960s. The soundtrack features instrumental music composed by Jim Steinman. Some outdoor riot sequences were filmed some 37 miles south of Cambridge at Bridgewater State College in Bridgewater, Massachusetts after Harvard declined to allow the filming on their campus. Other scenes were filmed at MIT and other local colleges. As of 2010, it is Rob Cohen's only film as director not to be released by either Universal Studios or Columbia Pictures.

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Actors & Characters

Brad Davis Brad Davis Leonardo DaVinci Rizzo Leonardo DaVinci Rizzo
Karen Allen Karen Allen Jessica Bloom Jessica Bloom
Jameson Parker Jameson Parker
Shelley Long Shelley Long Alice Alice
Nan Martin Nan Martin
Daniel Stern Daniel Stern
John Friedrich John Friedrich
Gary Springer Gary Springer
Harry Caesar Harry Caesar
Craig Richard Nelson Craig Richard Nelson


Rob Cohen Director
Jim Steinman Music
Tim Zinnemann Producer
Ezra Sacks Writer