A Shot in the West


Release Date 2006-07-16
Age Rating

A Shot in the West

A Shot in the West is a 2006 low budget short film shot in the rundown council estate of Drumchapel, Glasgow. The film was written, directed and edited by three friends. All sound and camera equipment was borrowed from a local community group. Many interior shots were filmed at a local public house, where the crew were allowed take over the function suite for two and a half days. Catering was supplied by a local bakery. Costumes were either borrowed, old second hand clothes or provided by the cast. Once most elements were in place producer/director Bob Kelly approached actor David Hayman to ask for advice. However, David was so impressed by Bob's ethusiasm and progress he offered to star in the movie. On the same day Zal Cleminson and Chris Glen from The Sensational Alex Harvey Band were with David Hayman. Being musicians they asked about the soundtrack. Bob informed them the soundtrack would be created by another friend, Stephen Maguire. They offered to help and a meeting and jam session with Stephen was set up. Stephen and The Sensational Alex Harvey Band got on well, so agreed to work on the soundtrack together.

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Actors & Characters

Alexander Watson Alexander Watson
David Hayman David Hayman
Zal Cleminson Zal Cleminson
Ewan Black Ewan Black


Bob Kelly Director
John Maguire Editor
Stephen Maguire and The Sensational Alex Harvey Band Music
Justin Burns Writer
Bob Kelly Writer