A Shot in the Dark


Release Date 1964-06-23
Age Rating

A Shot in the Dark

A Shot in the Dark is a 1964 comedy film directed by Blake Edwards and is the second installment in The Pink Panther series. Peter Sellers is featured again as Inspector Jacques Clouseau of the French Sûreté. Clouseau's bungling personality is unchanged, but it was in this film that Sellers began to give him the idiosyncratically exaggerated French accent that was to become a hallmark of the character. The film also introduces Herbert Lom as his boss, Commissioner Dreyfus, and Burt Kwouk as his long-suffering servant, Cato, who would both become series regulars. Elke Sommer plays Maria Gambrelli. The film was not originally written to include Clouseau, but was an adaptation of a stage play by Harry Kurnitz adapted from the French play L'Idiote by Marcel Achard. As Blake Edwards and future The Exorcist creator William Peter Blatty began work on the script, they decided the story would be a good vehicle for the Clouseau character, and rewrote the script around the new premise. The film was released only a few months after the first Clouseau film, The Pink Panther.

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Actors & Characters

Elke Sommer Elke Sommer Maria Gambrelli Maria Gambrelli
Herbert Lom Herbert Lom Commissioner Dreyfus Commissioner Dreyfus
Peter Sellers Peter Sellers Inspector Clouseau Inspector Clouseau
George Sanders George Sanders Benjamin Ballon Benjamin Ballon
Burt Kwouk Burt Kwouk Cato Cato
Graham Stark Graham Stark Hercule LaJoy Hercule LaJoy
Moira Redmond Moira Redmond Simone Simone
Tracy Reed Tracy Reed Dominique Ballon Dominique Ballon
Vanda Godsell Vanda Godsell Madame LaFarge Madame LaFarge


Blake Edwards Director
Ralph E. Winters Editor
Henry Mancini Music
Blake Edwards Producer
Blake Edwards Writer
William Peter Blatty Writer