Inspector Clouseau


Release Date 1968-07-19
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Inspector Clouseau

Inspector Clouseau is a 1968 United Artists feature film, the third in the The Pink Panther film series. It was directed by Bud Yorkin, written by Frank Waldman and Tom Waldman and stars Alan Arkin as Inspector Clouseau. It was filmed by Mirisch Films at MGM-British Studios Borehamwood and Europe. When the series resumed with The Return of the Pink Panther, costume design and elements of Arkin's performance were retained when Peter Sellers took back the role. Frank Waldman and Tom Waldman also make their debut writing the series. Frank Waldman would co-write The Return of the Pink Panther, The Pink Panther Strikes Again, Revenge of the Pink Panther, and Trail of the Pink Panther. Tom Waldman would co-write Trail with Frank. Inspector Clouseau does not feature Sellers, was not directed by Blake Edwards, and did not have a score by Henry Mancini. All three were involved at that time with the film The Party. The Mirisch Company wanted to proceed with this film, so when Sellers and Edwards declined to participate, Mirisch decided to proceed without them. The film languished in obscurity and although it has been released to home video on VHS and DVD, was not included in 2004's Pink Panther Collection but was later added to the Ultimate collection released in 2008.

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Actors & Characters

Alan Arkin Alan Arkin Inspector Clouseau Inspector Clouseau
Frank Finlay Frank Finlay Supt. Weaver Supt. Weaver
Beryl Reid Beryl Reid Mrs Weaver Mrs Weaver
Delia Boccardo Delia Boccardo Lisa Morrel Lisa Morrel
Eric Pohlmann Eric Pohlmann Bergesch Bergesch
Clive Francis Clive Francis Clyde Hargreaves Clyde Hargreaves
Richard Pearson Richard Pearson Shockley Shockley
Patrick Cargill Patrick Cargill Commissioner Sir Charles Braithwaite Commissioner Sir Charles Braithwaite
Katya Wyeth Katya Wyeth Meg Meg
Barry Foster Barry Foster Addison Steele Addison Steele


Arthur Ibbetson Cinematography
Bud Yorkin Director
Ken Thorne Music
Lewis J. Rachmil Producer
Blake Edwards Writer
Maurice Richlin Writer
Tom Waldman Writer
Frank Waldman Writer