The Return of the Pink Panther


Release Date 1975-05-21
Age Rating

The Return of the Pink Panther

The Return of the Pink Panther is the fourth film in the The Pink Panther series, released in 1975. The film stars Peter Sellers in the role of Inspector Clouseau. The film was a commercial hit and revived a previously dormant series. Herbert Lom reprises his role as Chief Inspector Charles Dreyfus from A Shot in the Dark. The character of Sir Charles Lytton, the notorious Phantom, is now played by Christopher Plummer rather than David Niven, who was unavailable. The Pink Panther diamond once again plays a central role in the plot.

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Actors & Characters

Catherine Schell Catherine Schell Lady Claudine Litton Lady Claudine Litton
Christopher Plummer Christopher Plummer Sir Charles Litton Sir Charles Litton
Herbert Lom Herbert Lom Commissioner Dreyfus Commissioner Dreyfus
Peter Sellers Peter Sellers Inspector Clouseau Inspector Clouseau
Peter Arne Peter Arne Colonel Sharki Colonel Sharki
Peter Jeffrey Peter Jeffrey General Wadafi General Wadafi
David Lodge David Lodge Mac Mac
Victor Spinetti Victor Spinetti Hotel Concierge Hotel Concierge
John Bluthal John Bluthal Blind Beggar Blind Beggar
Grégoire Aslan Grégoire Aslan Chief of Lugash Police Chief of Lugash Police


Geoffrey Unsworth Cinematography
Blake Edwards Director
Tom Priestley Editor
Henry Mancini Music
Blake Edwards Producer
Blake Edwards Writer
Frank Waldman Writer