The Pink Panther Strikes Again


Release Date 1976-12-15
Age Rating

The Pink Panther Strikes Again

The Pink Panther Strikes Again is the fifth film in The Pink Panther series and picks up where The Return of the Pink Panther leaves off. Released in 1976, Strikes Again is the third entry to include the words "Pink Panther" in its title, despite the fact the story does not involve the Pink Panther diamond. Unused footage from the film was later included in Trail of the Pink Panther.

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Actors & Characters

Peter Sellers Peter Sellers Inspector Clouseau Inspector Clouseau
Lesley-Anne Down Lesley-Anne Down Olga Olga
Herbert Lom Herbert Lom Commissioner Dreyfus Commissioner Dreyfus
Burt Kwouk Burt Kwouk Cato Cato
Leonard Rossiter Leonard Rossiter Quinlan Quinlan
Colin Blakely Colin Blakely Drummond Drummond
Richard Vernon Richard Vernon Fassbender Fassbender
Briony McRoberts Briony McRoberts Margo Fassbender Margo Fassbender
Byron Kane Byron Kane Secretary of State Secretary of State
André Maranne André Maranne Sgt. François Chevalier Sgt. François Chevalier


Harry Waxman Cinematography
Blake Edwards Director
Henry Mancini Music
Blake Edwards Producer
Tony Adams Producer
Blake Edwards Writer
Frank Waldman Writer