Son of the Pink Panther


Release Date 1993-08-27
Age Rating

Son of the Pink Panther

Son of the Pink Panther is the ninth entry in the 30-year-old The Pink Panther film series. Directed by Blake Edwards, it stars Roberto Benigni as Inspector Clouseau's illegitimate son. Also in this film are Panther regulars Herbert Lom, Burt Kwouk and Graham Stark and a star of the original 1963 film, Claudia Cardinale. It was the final film for both writer-director Blake Edwards and composer Henry Mancini; Edwards retired from movie making, and Mancini died the following year. It opened to poor box office and bitter reviews from critics who felt the Pink Panther movies had run their course.

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Actors & Characters

Herbert Lom Herbert Lom Commissioner Dreyfus Commissioner Dreyfus
Roberto Benigni Roberto Benigni Gendarme Jacques Gambrelli Gendarme Jacques Gambrelli
Claudia Cardinale Claudia Cardinale Maria Gambrelli Maria Gambrelli
Debrah Farentino Debrah Farentino Princess Yasmin Princess Yasmin
Anton Rodgers Anton Rodgers Police Chief Charles Lazar Police Chief Charles Lazar
Burt Kwouk Burt Kwouk Cato Cato
Graham Stark Graham Stark Prof. Auguste Balls Prof. Auguste Balls
Robert Davi Robert Davi Hans Zarba Hans Zarba
Shabana Azmi Shabana Azmi Queen Queen
Jennifer Edwards Jennifer Edwards Yussa Yussa


Dick Bush Cinematography
Blake Edwards Director
Robert Pergament Editor
Henry Mancini Music
Tony Adams Producer
Friend Michael Wells Producer
Blake Edwards Writer
Maurice Richlin Writer
Madeline Sunshine Writer
Steven Sunshine Writer