A Real Young Girl


Release Date 1999-02-04
Age Rating

A Real Young Girl

A Real Young Girl is a 1976 French drama about a 14-year-old girl's sexual awakening, written and directed by Catherine Breillat. The film, Breillat's first, was based on her fourth novel, Le Soupirail. This film is notable for its graphic depiction of sexuality, which includes Charlotte Alexandra exposing her vulva. This led to it being banned in many countries. It was not released to theaters until 2000. Breillat's films and novels are often about the "erotic and emotional lives of young women, as told from the woman's perspective," typically using "blunt language and open depiction of sexual subject matter." Many of Breillat's films and novels, including A Real Young Girl have led to controversy and hostile press coverage. For example, Breillat's film 36 Fillette, about the "burgeoning sexuality of a 14-year-old girl, and a middle-aged man intent on seducing her" led to "storms of controversy."

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Actors & Characters

Charlotte Alexandra Charlotte Alexandra Alice Bonnard Alice Bonnard
Rita Maiden Rita Maiden Mrs. Bonnard Mrs. Bonnard
Hiram Keller Hiram Keller Pierre-Evariste Renard Pierre-Evariste Renard
Bruno Balp Bruno Balp Mr. Bonnard Mr. Bonnard
Georges Guéret Georges Guéret Martial Martial
Shirley Stoler Shirley Stoler Grocer in Aupom Grocer in Aupom
Thierry Roland Thierry Roland TV commentator TV commentator
Alexandra Gouveia Alexandra Gouveia Martine Martine
Carmelo Petix Carmelo Petix L'exhibitionniste L'exhibitionniste
Christian Valentin Christian Valentin Le chanteur Le chanteur


Pierre Fattori Cinematography
Patrick Daert Cinematography
Catherine Breillat Director
Annie Charrier Editor
Michele Queyroy Editor
Mort Shuman Music
André Génovès Producer
Catherine Breillat Writer