A Page of Madness


Release Date 1926-09-24
Age Rating

A Page of Madness

A Page of Madness is a silent film by Japanese film director Teinosuke Kinugasa, made in 1926. It was lost for forty-five years until being rediscovered by Kinugasa in his storehouse in 1971. The film is the product of an avant-garde group of artists in Japan known as the Shinkankaku-ha who tried to overcome naturalistic representation. Yasunari Kawabata, who would win the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1968, was credited on the film with the original story. He is often cited as the film's screenwriter, and a version of the scenario is printed in his complete works, but the scenario is now considered a collaboration between Kawabata, Kinugasa, Banko Sawada, and Minoru Inuzuka.

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Actors & Characters

Yoshie Nakagawa Yoshie Nakagawa
Masuo Inoue Masuo Inoue
Ayako Iijima Ayako Iijima
Hiroshi Nemoto Hiroshi Nemoto
Misao Seki Misao Seki


Kôhei Sugiyama Cinematography
Eiji Tsuburaya Cinematography
Teinosuke Kinugasa Director
Yasunari Kawabata Writer
Teinosuke Kinugasa Writer