Freedom for Us


Release Date 1931-12-18
Age Rating

Freedom for Us

À nous la liberté is a 1931 French film directed by René Clair. With a score by Georges Auric, this film has more music than any of Clair's early films.

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Actors & Characters

Henri Marchand Henri Marchand Émile Émile
Raymond Cordy Raymond Cordy Louis Louis
Rolla France Rolla France Jeanne Jeanne
Germaine Aussey Germaine Aussey Maud Maud
Vincent Hyspa Vincent Hyspa Le vieil orateur Le vieil orateur
Jacques Shelly Jacques Shelly Paul Paul
André Michaud André Michaud Le contremaitre Le contremaitre
Paul Ollivier Paul Ollivier L'oncle L'oncle
Léon Lorin Léon Lorin Le vieux monsieur sourd Le vieux monsieur sourd
William Burke William Burke L'ancien détenu L'ancien détenu


Georges Périnal Cinematography
René Clair Director
René Le Hénaff Editor
René Clair Editor
Georges Auric Music
Frank Clifford Producer
Alexandre Kamenka Producer
Roger Le Bon Producer
René Clair Writer