A Night in Casablanca


Release Date 1946-05-10
Age Rating

A Night in Casablanca

A Night in Casablanca is the twelfth Marx Brothers movie, starring Groucho Marx, Chico Marx, and Harpo Marx. The picture was directed by Archie Mayo and written by Joseph Fields and Roland Kibbee, and is generally considered one of the better of the Marx Brothers' later films.

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Actors & Characters

Groucho Marx Groucho Marx Kornblow Kornblow
Leonard Marx Leonard Marx
Harpo Marx Harpo Marx
Charles Drake Charles Drake
Lois Collier Lois Collier
Sig Ruman Sig Ruman
Dan Seymour Dan Seymour
Lisette Verea Lisette Verea
Lewis Russell Lewis Russell


Archie Mayo Director
Werner Janssen Music
Bert Kalmar Music
Harry Ruby Music
David Loew Producer