Flying Elephants


Release Date 1928-02-12
Age Rating

Flying Elephants

Flying Elephants is a two-reel silent film from 1928. It stars Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy—before they became the popular team of Laurel and Hardy—as cavemen. The title refers to three animated pachyderms provided by Walter Lantz that fly past in one scene.

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Actors & Characters

Stan Laurel Stan Laurel
Oliver Hardy Oliver Hardy
Edna Marion Edna Marion
Fay Lamphier Fay Lamphier
Budd Fine Budd Fine
Leo Willis Leo Willis
Tiny Sandford Tiny Sandford
Dorothy Coburn Dorothy Coburn
James Finlayson James Finlayson
Viola Richard Viola Richard


Frank Butler Director
Hal Roach Producer
Hal Roach Writer
H. M. Walker Writer