Should Married Men Go Home?


Release Date 1928-09-08
Age Rating

Should Married Men Go Home?

Should Married Men Go Home? is a silent two-reel comedy produced by the Hal Roach Studios and starring Laurel and Hardy. It was filmed in March and May 1928, and released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer on September 8 of that year. It was the first Roach film to bill Laurel and Hardy as a team — previously, their appearances together were under the Roach "All-Star Comedy" banner. Footage of the film featuring Laurel and Hardy on location in between shooting and some apparent out-takes has recently surfaced on YouTube.

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Actors & Characters

Stan Laurel Stan Laurel
Chet Brandenburg Chet Brandenburg
Oliver Hardy Oliver Hardy
Kay Deslys Kay Deslys
Charlie Hall Charlie Hall
Jack Hill Jack Hill
Edgar Kennedy Edgar Kennedy
Sam Lufkin Sam Lufkin
Viola Richard Viola Richard
Edna Marion Edna Marion


George Stevens Cinematography
Leo McCarey Director
James Parrott Director
Richard C. Currier Editor
Hal Roach Producer
H. M. Walker Writer
James Parrott Writer
Leo McCarey Writer