Wrong Again


Release Date 1929-02-23
Age Rating

Wrong Again

Wrong Again is a 1929 two-reel comedy silent film starring Laurel and Hardy. It was shot in October and November 1928, and released February 23, 1929, by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Although it is a silent film, it was released with a synchronised music and sound-effects track in theatres equipped for sound.

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Actors & Characters

Stan Laurel Stan Laurel
Harry Bernard Harry Bernard
Oliver Hardy Oliver Hardy
William Gillespie William Gillespie
Josephine Crowell Josephine Crowell
Charlie Hall Charlie Hall
Dell Henderson Dell Henderson
Jack Hill Jack Hill
Fred Holmes Fred Holmes
Fred Kelsey Fred Kelsey


George Stevens Cinematography
Jack Roach Cinematography
Leo McCarey Director
Richard C. Currier Editor
Hal Roach Producer
Leo McCarey Writer
H. M. Walker Writer
Lewis R. Foster Writer