A King in New York


Release Date 1957-09-12
Age Rating

A King in New York

A King in New York is a 1957 British comedy film directed by and starring Charlie Chaplin in his last leading role, which presents a satirical view of certain aspects of United States politics and society. The film was produced in Europe after Chaplin's exile from the US in 1952. It did not open in the United States until 1973.

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Actors & Characters

Charlie Chaplin Charlie Chaplin King Shahdov King Shahdov
Maxine Audley Maxine Audley
Dawn Addams Dawn Addams
Oliver Johnston Oliver Johnston
Michael Chaplin Michael Chaplin
Jerry Desmonde Jerry Desmonde
Phil Brown Phil Brown
Shani Wallis Shani Wallis
Sid James Sid James
Lauri Lupino Lane Lauri Lupino Lane


Charlie Chaplin Director
Charlie Chaplin Music
Charlie Chaplin Producer
Charlie Chaplin Writer